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Image by Stefany Andrade



For two marimbas and piano

Inspired by a piece by Belinda Reynolds with the same instrumentation. Elongated music phrases, hockey-like rhythms, Bachian harmonic turns, dissolution finale coming back home.

Jabulon Trio

For flute, marimba and piano

Based on EulerBeat Genesis 06. Commissioned by David Cohen. A sequence of variations on the theme.

Delphine Waltz

For Flute, Clarinet and Piano

Commissioned by John Waltz as a gift to her wife Delphine. A rhapsodic introduction in the piano, followed by a waltz in the trio, with a dialog between flute and clarinet and piano accompaniment. The piano takes the principal voice in the middle section, with a Romantic gesture, before returning to the Waltz. In the coda, the clarinet and flute play in homophony a chorale-like melody. The piano closes the piece rhapsodically, as in the beginning.

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