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"City Suite...positively cascades with sensual and visceral impressions"...

 Abby Wassermann, Classical Sonoma

About my compositions

Daniel Canosa’s recent orchestral work has been premiered by the ECHO Chamber Orchestra. “City Suite” and “The Other Side” received critical and audience acclaim.


In recent years, he has been commissioned to compose chamber music: “Jabulon Trio” (2021) for Flute, piano and marimba, “Delphine Waltz” (2022) for Flute, clarinet and piano, and “Con Que La Lavare” (2018) for mezzo-soprano and piano, premiered at UC Davis on a program of Latin-American composers.


Canosa was Composer in Residence with the Sonoma Chamber Singers in 2008 and director of the Occidental Chamber Choir. He composed a series of choral works for both organizations, including: “Nasce La Gioia Mia” for double choir (2008), “O Magnum Mysterium” for choir, electric piano and electric bass (2008); “Mundi Luminar” for choir and wind ensemble (2006), Au Pres de Vous” for SSA (2005), among others.


Canosa has composed incidental music for the theater, in Buenos Aires and California. Among the plays are: “Adorando La Ruinas” 1989; from the Classical Greek repertoire: “Alcestis”, 2000; “Philoctetes”, 2001; “Iphigenia in Tauris”, 2002; from Shakespeare: “As you Like It”, 2004 and “Pericles”, 2006.


He has arranged tens of orchestral and vocal works, including the Ballet “Tanguera” for the Orquestra of the Teatro Argentino de La Plata.


Daniel Canosa studied composition at Bellas Artes, in the University of La Plata, with Mariano Etkin and Virtú Maragno, and in Brazil with Christopher Bochmann.


Thank you for your interest in my work

Complete list of compositions upon request

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